Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Camping He Will Go

I sent Justin off to pre-teen camp on Monday. This is his second year to go, remember last year? I don't think Justin was as excited to go this year as he was last year. He had two buddies that were supposed to be going with him, but they had so many kids sign-up that they ran out of room and had no more spots left. I hope next year they figure out another solution so that kids don't get left out.

I on the other hand was super excited for him to go. The camp offers so many fun things to do that he wouldn't normally get to do, and it gives him the chance to learn some responsibility for himself. I discovered that last year he only took 2 showers the whole week he was there... gross! I had a nice little talk with him about that and I'm hoping some of it stuck in his head and he takes more showers this year.

We got a call from him the very first night at 11:00. Thankfully, we were still awake. I could tell in his voice he was a little upset, but when we would ask him if everything was alright, he would tell us everything was fine. Justin has been having some issues lately at night, he actually has always had issues at night. Justin is a bit of a scardy cat, only at night though. He goes through phases of being so scared he keeps himself up all hours of the night to phases of not seeming to care at all, falling asleep not long after his head hits the pillow. I talked to the children's minister the next day and she said that he was fine, running around just as busy as he could be. Thankfully we did not receive any phone calls last night, I'm taking that as a good sign.

I can't wait for him to come home and tell me all about it! I want to hear about everything he did and about all the new friends he made. I want to hear about what food he ate and what they had that he didn't like. I want to know what he chose to spend his money on and what his favorite thing he did this week. I'm so glad we were able to send him to camp. I honestly think I get more excited about the thought of sending my kids off to camp than they do, for so many reasons. One, sending them off gives me a much needed break. Two, it gives them a chance to have some fun, make some memories and learn responsibility for themselves. And three, well, I can't stress enough the break I get! Yippee!!

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