Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Year Camper

Justin took off Monday for his first time at church camp! He was so excited, and his friend Avery got to go with him! So, I loaded him up on the bus, and sent him off to what I hope will be a fantastic week! He's been gone now for 2 days and it's so weird not being able to talk to him. I want to know how he is doing and what all he has done. I want to check in with him and make sure he is taking care of his things the right way. I want to make sure that he's figured out how to get everything to the shower and not forget his towel! All of my mothering instinks are kicking in and they are being suppressed by not being able to talk to him! It's been harder on me than I ever thought it would be!I've been so ready to let go that now that it's time to start letting loose a little, it's hard!

The camp has a place on their web site where they post pictures of the campers all week and we finally found one of him and his friend getting ready to play paintball! They also have a place where you can send e-mails and the camp prints them off, gives them to the counselors and the counselors then read them out loud in front of everyone! So I was told to write something funny or embarrassing.

I am so glad that he is finally old enough to get to go do cool things and make some fun memories that he will never forget! Going to camp seems like such a vital thing for young people. It's where they can get away from home, from mom and dad, brothers and sisters, and have some time to grow. And not only grow in themselves but to grow in the spirit and learn about their christian faith. And learn responsibility with out mom and dad harping at them. Camp for me was heaven! I was an only child and home was boring and lonely. I remember going to church camp every summer and coming home begging my parents to find me a camp to go to for 2, 4, 6 weeks long! One week was never long enough.
I am also secretly hoping that camp gives him a new appreciation of me and his family. And that he comes home with a better attitude about his responsibilities. Yeah right! That would take a miracle!


Nikki B. said...

i was bummed about the picture on the web...avery looked lonely!!! i'm sure he was just into the guns...but, i was a little sad.

i can't believe i'm saying this...but, I MISS HIM!!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

This must be so hard but he will come home with the greatest stories ever!