Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rhyme Time

Ashlyn has been really into rhyming words. She thinks of a word and then makes up her own word to rhyme by just changing the first letter in the original word she comes up with. Like tie=lie, or pink=tink.

So the other day she was playing her rhyming game and she came up with itching. This time she decided to just add a letter to the beginning of her word, and wouldn't ya know she picked the letter B to make her rhyming word. She kept saying itching-*itching (add in the letter B on your own) over and over and over. Jeremy tried telling her to stop saying that and she would say "what? itching-*itching?" And Jeremy would say "yeah, don't say that anymore" and she would say, "but why can't I say itching-*itching, it rhymes?" After a long conversation between the two of them, I finally walked into the room from doing laundry and just changed the subject.

Little Stinker :)

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