Monday, May 17, 2010

Poor Kid

This is what happens to Austin when he is just nearby while Jeremy is weed eating at the lake fork lot. The poison ivy is just in the air and his face breaks out and his eyes got all swollen. This boy has gotten poison ivy numerous times just with in the last 3 years. I have never gotten it, not sure if that means I'm not allergic or I just have never been around it to know. But this kid, has got the bad luck of being allergic to it and getting it a lot. And of course, this is the second time he has broke out with it on the day we were supposed to get pictures taken. I'm thinking about putting him into a bubble. With the amount of times he gets the stomach bug and the amount of times he gets poison ivy, the poor kid can't catch a break. Hopefully, it will clear up fast and his handsome little face will return back to normal soon.

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kristi said...

Poor guy. My little man suffers from such bad skin is bad!