Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going, Going, Gone!

I played with my new camera some more while at Austin's last ball game. I am loving all the great pictures I have been getting from it! Pictures I never would have taken before or wouldn't have come out as good as these have with my old camera.

I have never been a sport's fan, or even liked sports before my boys started playing them. I only get excited about their games, I am still an avid anti-sports watcher, watching the pro's on television. It's just boring and I could care less about who wins or loses, I mean really it's just a game, played by people I don't know and don't really care about. But when my boys play, I want them to win and am disappointed when they lose.

Austin's team is undefeated so far, they are 11-0. We got him onto a different team this season, coached by his basketball coaches, playing with most of the boys that were on his basketball team. It's been a fun season so far mostly because of all their wins, and because we have gotten to know the other parents better and that makes it more fun. I love this picture! I mean, just look at that stance and swing! Perfection.

I always smile when Austin gets to run across home plate. He gets very disappointed if he doesn't make it home. Sometimes, the team gets their 3rd out, or their 7th run before he makes it across the grand base.

Every time we play at the Royse City ball fields, you can always find Ashlyn playing in the dirt with all of the other little sisters from the team. This time, Justin, had no one to play with so he joined in on all the excitement in the dirt. That look on his face says, 'You caught me, I'm stuck with all these girl's and I'm showing them how this is done'.

I thought this one was funny because somehow he caught everyone's attention playing the role of, 'I'm the expert, watch me cause I can show ya how to do this right.'

You can't tell very well, because the picture is small, but in this picture, all the boys on the team are shaking the other team's hands at the end of the game, but you can see their excitement in how they are all jumping around, so excited about their win. Austin, #11, is right in the middle of it all.

Baseball has been fun this season, but it's been exhausting and time consuming with both the boys playing. We don't get to have family dinners anymore or just have an evening at home doing nothing. It has kept Jeremy and I from attending our weekly "ladies" and "men's" nights with our friends. But I know, that when the boys have grown up and reminisce about their childhood's and the fun they had playing ball, it won't even matter then the inconvenience it caused Jeremy and I. I feel blessed to be able to allow the boys the opportunity to learn and play, because in these days budgets are tight. Maybe one day the boys will appreciate all we have done for them.

Looking forward to the next game! Go Texas Tornados!! Play Ball!


Nikki B. said...

great shots, jes!!! they are so good! did you figure out that aperature that i was talking about?

Jes said...

I don't even remember what that is :)I just put it on auto and go. I may need you to explain it to me again :)