Sunday, May 2, 2010


I finally have something to write about Austin! I never have anything to write about him because he spends all of his free time playing outside or he is off with Jeremy where ever he goes. That boy has been infatuated with his dad since he was a baby. He is a daddy's boy at heart.

Austin had his second grade field trip the other day, and I went along with him. We went to the movie theater in Rockwall to see Disney's Ocean's. I believe they have been learning about the ocean at school. The movie was disappointing. The footage itself was good, but it needed a different narrator, a better script for the narrator and better music for effects. It was fun to get to go to the movies but, Austin got a little antsy during the movie because he got bored.

After the movie they loaded up and went to Harry Myer's Park in Rockwall, for a picnic and play time. I'm not sure Austin spent much time on the playground because there was a dad that came that headed up races, and all the boys jumped in on that.

Austin has made 2 pretty good buddies this year in second grade, they seem to all have fun together. I got a couple of pictures while we were at the park, the first one is of Austin with his buddies, the second I decided to take advantage of having a picture made with him since I never get pictures with the kids. I usually either hear complaining out of the boys, or I am hearing it out of Jeremy, so I always feel pressured to hurry things up and most of the time I decide it's just too much trouble so I just don't do it. But when I get Austin alone, he's a lot more willing and happier to get a picture in with me.

I feel so blessed to be able to stay home so that I can participate in these kind of events with the kids. I remember as a kid being so proud of my mom that she came to my school to help out, although I never actually wanted her to come on field trips with me. I have always asked the boys if they want me to come on their field trips and their answer has always been, yes. It was also nice to see my mom around in an environment that was mine and not hers, it was a comfort to me to have her home with me after school, on school holidays and summer. It was always a dream of mine to be a mom and to stay home with my kids, and I'm livin the dream... just wish someone would have told me how hard this job is!

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