Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easy Cheesy

I can't believe I forgot to write about Ashlyn's huge accomplishment! I just checked my friend's blog out and read about her son learning to tie his shoes and she mentioned my daughter learning to tie hers, and it dawned on me that I never wrote about it myself in my blog!

I honestly can't believe Ashlyn learned to tie her shoes already. It was so frustrating trying to teach the boys. I showed them over and over, took them step by step through the process, tried several different methods of tying over months and months, to the point that I gave up and handed the project over to Jeremy who eventually some how taught both the boys to tie.

This time around was way too easy! Ashlyn had been asking for about a month for me to teach her how to tie her shoes. I had been putting her off because of my memory of trying to teach the boys. I showed her briefly one morning how to tie, and wouldn't give her a chance to try herself because I was in a hurry to get out the door. About 4 days later, on April 13th to be exact, we were getting ready for school, I was putting my make up on, while she was getting dressed. I always lay her clothes out along with her shoes ready to slip on, and I'll tie them after she gets them on. That morning, she took longer than normal to get her clothes on and come to me so that I can fix her hair. I had finished getting ready and called for her wondering what was taking so long. She walked in and announced that she had tied her own shoes! I didn't believe her thinking she had just twisted them up and got them tangled. I didn't even check them out, because we were running late and I didn't really think she had done it correctly.

We got to school and I told her that I would tie her shoes before we went in and she told me they were already tied. I got out and looked and to my surprise, they were tied!

I am still amazed at how easy it was to teach her! And that I only showed her once and she got it! Wow! Now it's got me wondering why it was so hard for the boys to get it? :)


Gina said...

Way to go, Ashlyn!! The reason it was easier is because girls are, for the most part, more patient and better at fine motor skills. And girls are always smarter!! :)

Jes said...

Yeah, but Justin with his super power fine motor skills, that could write his name at 2 and open doors w/the doorknob covers over them at 2, I thought would be able to learn to tie pretty quick. You are right, though, that girls are always smarter! :)

Nikki B. said...

fine motor, shmine motor...girls are smarter!!

Nikki B. said...

when i saw that on your facebook...i told jack. "jack joseph...ashlyn ties her own shoes." he just looked at me. i said, "what do you think about that?" he shrugged. i said, "do you think it's time that you learned how to tie yours?" he nodded!! just about a week later, he was a shoe tier himself!! way to go ashlyn...i owe it all to her!!!