Monday, May 3, 2010

Ashlyn's First Recital

Ashlyn had her first dance recital Saturday night. We all got dressed up and went to go watch what she has practiced for all year.

Ashlyn had rehearsal that morning so they could practice on the stage before their big performance in front of everyone. When I picked her up she told me " That was awesome, mom! Your gonna LOVE it!! The place is HUGE with lots of seats everywhere, and the stage we dance on is SO big! Your just gonna LOVE it, mom!" She had the biggest smile on her face and she was so excited! My heart just melts when my children are so happy like that.

That evening, I got Ashlyn ready and I added just a little make-up on her precious little face, to make it that more fun and exciting for her. I bought some light pink eye shadow ( that you could barely see once I put it on her eye lids), a little blush and I let her wear some of my lip gloss, and you would have thought she was walking on air, she was so happy.

I took a few photos at home on our front porch before we left. She gave me a few poses and then she was ready to go.

This is Ashlyn's class in their ballet performance, she is the 5th little girl from the left. She did a great job and remembered all the moves.

At the end of the recital, Mrs. Mandy called each girl that performed that night to come out and do their own little performance, what ever they wanted to do, and take a bow before going to get their medal from Mrs. Sarah. Ashlyn came out and did a jump and a little twirl and took her bow, this is a picture of her taking her bow after her "solo" performance.

When the recital was over we walked out to the lobby to meet our little dancers and Ashlyn immediately asked if I had something to give her, and I told her I didn't know what she was talking about, then she got flustered and said " Don't you have flowers for me?!" Papaw soon walked out and handed her the flowers my mom had brought for her. Thank goodness my mom brought some because we didn't bring any. I had thought about it several times but never relayed my thoughts to Jeremy. Next year we will be on top of things and bring her some pink roses, that's what she is always asking me to buy her when we go past the flowers at the grocery store.

This is Ashlyn with one of her dance teachers, Mrs. Mandy. I love what Mrs. Mandy and Mrs. Sarah have done with their school of dance. They have dedicated themselves to not only teach the girls how to dance, but to dance tastefully for God. They talked to the girls about manners and how to be a lady, about true beauty this year and how it comes from their heart. They pray with the girls at each class and teach the importance of growing in God's grace. All of the songs they danced to were all christian music, and they tied in Proverbs 31 to all of their dances. I also love how every little girl in Ashlyn's class is a friend from church. I plan to send Ashlyn to Girl's of Grace Dance Co., for as long as she wants to take dance.

We went out to eat as a family after the program to Texas Land & Cattle. After we ate dinner Ashlyn wanted to go out and see the lake. The grass was full of wild flowers so I took a few pics of her with her two big brothers.

I loved the recital, and enjoyed seeing all the girls perform. I almost cried several times because I was just so proud of all of the girls, especially Ashlyn. I can't wait for next years recital!


Allison said...

She is so cute!

I was just talking about my childhood dance recitals the other day...and how much I loved the relatives that showed up with chocolate roses!

Jes said...


I only took dance a couple of years but I don't remember getting flowers or anything for that matter. Kids these days are so spoiled. And I can admit that I have played a part in that. It's just so hard to not want to give them everything.

Chocolate roses sound fun!