Friday, April 23, 2010

Message from Up Above

I was sitting on the couch Wednesday night around 10:00, just messing around on the computer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something fall from upstairs. I first thought, hmmm, did the ac just kick on and blow that off the ledge? Then I realized, oh, it's Justin. Since we just recently made a change to his medication, he is having a hard time going to sleep at night. So I got up to go investigate what it was that "fell", and this is what I found:

Just in case you can't read what he has wrote, the letter says this:

Daddy I want to tell you about what just happened. Daddy, I'm sorry that I played on a electronic, but honestly I had just turned it on. Daddy please don't tell mommy about what happened, and please don't take my d.s. away. Tomorrow, I will give it back to Avery. If you don't take it away I will give you my d.s. to you every night when it is bed time, and one more thing, I LOVE YOU! Justin

Justin is grounded from his DS, and apparently Jeremy had caught Justin, playing with his friends DS in bed, when he was supposed to be trying to go to sleep. Our kids know that, Daddy is a softie, and if they play their cards just right sometimes their dad will grant them what they want. Not this time. I'm proud of Jeremy sticking to his guns. This has been an on going issue with Justin. We are always catching him playing on his DS, or laptop or even messing with his sports cards. We have had to confiscate all of Justin's favorite things out of his room so that he isn't tempted at night to make a bad choice. Sometimes we forget, and you can bet 100% of the time if we forget, that you can catch Justin playing instead of resting and trying to go to sleep.

This is not the first note Justin has written to us, but it's the first one I thought to take a picture of and blog about. I wish I had taken pictures of the other ones, but oh well. We usually get these notes when Justin has gotten into trouble over something at night. I wonder if he realizes that he's still not doing what he is supposed to be doing, and that is laying down, being still and closing his eyes..... the trouble he could avoid if only he would realize that.

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Nikki B. said...

avery does this kind of thing, too!!

so funny!