Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kindergarten Round Up

The day finally came that Ashlyn has been talking about for 2 weeks, kindergarten round up. The boys came home from school two weeks ago with letters in their folders about kindergarten round up. They told Ashlyn all about it, and she got so excited. When I told her before school that she would finally get to go and sign up for kindergarten that night she jumped up and down squealing with excitement!

After school, we came home and she asks me why we didn't go to the boys school. I told her," well the boys are riding their bikes home so we don't have to go get them", then Ashlyn said "but I thought we were going to kindergarten round up?", and when I told her that it wasn't for another several hours she was very upset that she couldn't go right away. She then told me " But that will take FOREVER, mommy, I don't want to wait, it'll be SOOO boring waiting!" Oh, my, can we say, drama queen?!

The time finally came for us to go, and our sweet friends, Angie and her girls Brianna and Bailey, came to pick us up so we could all go together. Brianna and Ashlyn have been friends since they were just one, and they are both going into kindergarten and going to the same school together. New experiences are so much more fun when you have a friend with you.

Ashlyn is typically shy at first until she becomes comfortable with the new situation or the new people she meets, but not this night. Having her good friend with her made her completely forget that she would usually be unsure of the new people talking to her, and she was wild! She ran around that school and checking everything out like it was nothing. I even had to get on to her about settling down and to be on her best behavior, several times.

I think she had a great time at kindergarten round up, and now she can't wait for school to start again. I can't believe that my baby girl is going to start school next year! Time sure does fly. But now I am feeling old that all 3 of my children are school age, and I won't have anymore little ones at home with me anymore. It is so strange to think of how different life will be.

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