Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flower Girl

My awesome friend and neighbor took these beautiful pictures of Ashlyn again. That lady has talent! I have the best of both worlds right now, Nikki loves to take pictures of Ashlyn and Ashlyn loves to have her pictures taken... that is by Nikki and Nikki only. Ashlyn has on occasion begged for me to " just call Nikki, mom. I just really want, Nikki, to take my pictures, not you. PLEEAASSSSE!!!" I would call her every time, but I don't want to wear her down. :) I did tell, Nikki, that we just need to schedule a photo session with her every week, because I have learned that it's a great threat to Ashlyn to get her to obey. It worked like a charm the night before this photo session. If I could just get the boys to love getting their pictures taken I'd be set with awesome photos of all my kids. Thanks, Nikki, again for the beautiful pictures of Ashlyn!

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