Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We skipped a summer vacation last summer so that we could go on a ski trip. We have gone as a family (minus Ashlyn) once before so the boys got on their skis and skied like it was yesterday the last time they skied. It was Ashlyn's first time and Jeremy decided that he could teach her how to ski and save a little money. She did great! Once she got over the fear she took off like it was nothing. I think she really had a good time because she has asked me over and over "Mommy, when can we go skiing again?" We went to NM and skied at two different ski resorts, Sipapoo for 2 days and Taos for one day. The night we drove in they got 13 inches of snow! We had a blast and were exhausted everyday. It's really a lot of work to ski, especially when you have a little one who can't carry her own skis and goes slow. Hopefully, the next time we go it will be easier because everyone will be a couple years older. The above picture was the view from the walmart parking lot. How cool would that be to see the beautiful mountains every time you went to walmart? The rest of the pictures below are our views from our drive to the ski resorts and of us skiing.

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Nikki B. said...

these make me totally jealous!