Friday, December 25, 2009

Down the Chimey He Came

Can you believe we had a white Christmas in Texas?! My first one ever! And probably my last. The first sign that Santa came are all the eaten cookies and milk. I bet Santa loved the cookies the kids made for him.
Here's the goods the big guy left for the kids. It looks like they got everything they asked for!
Ashlyn was so excited to see her barbie doll house. And her Belle and Ariel barbies.
Austin and Justin were excited to see their new mini laptops, digital cameras and wii games.

Ashlyn went crazy while opening her present when she got her first glimpse that it was littlest pet shop. She is a very happy girl!

Silly Jeremy!

Ashlyn loves her new silver tutu!
Justin very excited about getting a longhorns sweatsuit.
Of course Austin gets all camo.
Silly Ashlyn could not wait to put her new tutu on.
Another year of many blessings! I am so grateful God has provided so much for us that we can have the privilege to spoil our kids with so many things. Now, the countdown till next year begins! Only 364 days to go!

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