Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny Story

Justin came home from school the other day all in a huff ready to tell me what happened at school. The 4th grade classes had some sort of competition against each other. There were two teams. He was on one team and his friend was on the other. Well, whatever they were doing, Justin's team won and his friends team lost. Now, if any of you know Justin, he is VERY competitive and when he wins he lets everyone know it. His friend is also competitive and doesn't like to lose. Well, his friend had had enough, he was tired of listening to Justin gloat! So he told Justin that he was going to kick him in the balls if he didn't stop and if he did that then Justin wouldn't be able to have babies. So then, Justin tells me " Mom, that's stupid! He's just dumb! Doesn't he know that men don't have babies, women do!" Ha! Son, if you only knew. I laughed so hard at that later. Had to share with you all.

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Nikki B. said...

that is so funny! arm a child with just a bit of information, and he runs with it!!

i scared to death to teach him the mechanics of it all!