Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ashlyn's First Day of Pre-K

Ashlyn is starting her last year of pre-school. It's bitter sweet. She's the last one to go to our church for "school". She's my last pre-schooler. She's the last one to stay home with me. After this year I can never say again that I am a mom of a pre-schooler. She is at my favorite age, 4! She's big but still little. She wants to be "big" like her brothers. 4 is the year they say the cutest things, like " mom, am I grounded?" me "no, just in time-out" her " man! when am I ever going to be grounded?!" me " fine, your grounded. go to your room!" her, lips puckering, tears welling up in her eyes " no fair! I don't want to go to my room. I don't like being grounded!" me " fine! then just sit in time out!". Frustrating but so cute and funny at the same time.

This year I am working at her "school" as a teacher's aid in a pre-k class. I am a little nervous about it. Not sure how I will find time for everything and never getting a break from miss priss. I planned on waiting until Ashlyn started kindergarten but they have been asking me to come back ever since I had Ashlyn and they had a position opening in a pre-k class as a teacher's aid, just the spot I wanted. I get to be with the age group I love and in a position where I don't have to plan. I can just show up, do what I'm told, and help out, all the while making some extra cash and getting half off Ashlyn's tuition. It's going to be a rough year, but hopefully I'll make it through.

Yep, this year is bitter sweet. It's a year of last time's, endings and new beginnings. It will be a year of frustrations and excitement. It will be a year of learning and loving. My last year to cuddle with her on the couch in the morning after the boys have left for school and she has woke up. My last year to teach the abc's, how to recognize, write and sounds each letter makes. My last year to get to watch her everyday all day, grow and learn and bloom into a big girl. Every time I look at her precious little face with all those beautiful freckles, cute little dimples and sweet little smile I am reminded of how much God loves me, that he gave me the daughter that I longed for, that I prayed for, pouring my heart out to God almost every day for years. What a blessing he has given me.

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