Saturday, July 3, 2010

No More Curls

Here is, Justin, 8 years ago before he got his very first haircut at 2 years old. His curls back then were so pretty and I didn't want to cut them off, but it drove Jeremy nuts that people would tell us how pretty our little girl was, even though he was wearing a red t-shirt with overalls.

Here he is after his first haircut. He was so tired, it was his nap time. He looks a little out of it :)

Here is Justin 8 1/2 years later. He has had longer hair now for almost 2 years. I love his curls and longer hair, but of course Jeremy can't stand it. Jeremy has been trying to talk Justin into cutting his hair off since the day he started growing it out, he even tricked Justin a little over a year ago into letting him "trim" his hair and he used kitchen scissors to chop all of his curls off. Can we say impulsive?!

I finally agreed with Jeremy to cut his hair off since he is about to go off to camp and it will be so much easier for him to take care of while he is gone. Also, Justin told us that he only takes two showers the whole week he is at camp! Gross! Can you imagine what that mop on his head would look like with only two showers?!

Here he is, with his new cut. Don't you just love that irritated smile? He wasn't very happy about taking his picture again. He reminds me more and more of his daddy everyday.

I love Justin's new sharp do, but don't you dare tell him he looks handsome, because he doesn't like that word. So if you see him, tell him he looks sharp, or cool or whatever, just don't tell him he's handsome. :)

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