Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!!!

The boys had field day last week at school.... the best day of the year!

Austin competing in the softball throw.

I love the face he makes when he throws! He is really working hard.

He won 2nd place! Can you imagine how far he will be able to throw once those skinny little arms of his get muscles on them one day?!

Here is Austin at the end of the obstacle course, running fast to get a good time for his team!

This is Justin competing in the 80 meter dash.

That Justin is super fast!

First one over the finish line!

Justin won 1st place in the 80 meter dash! He was definitely designed to be an athlete!
And I'm lovin the wind blown hair! :)

Tug-of-War... my favorite event to watch! Sure love Justin's determination to win, you can see it in his face.

I think the boys had a great day! Ashlyn and I were drained by the time the day was over, but at least this year we remembered our sunscreen and we didn't burn. Summertime comes sooner and sooner every year it seems like. Looking forward to Field Day '11, my sweet Ashlyn will be competing too!

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