Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Jeremy took the camera to Lake Fork over Memorial Day weekend and took some pics of, Austin fishing, one of his favorite things to do. Austin is a daddy's boy, always has been since he was born. He just adores his daddy and everything he does. If Jeremy is into hunting, then Austin is into hunting. If Jeremy is into roping, then Austin is into roping. If Jeremy is into fishing, then that's what Austin wants to do. Jeremy took some great pics, and they look even better after I edited them :) I have been wanting some pictures of Austin doing some of his favorite hobbies, fishing and hunting. I'll have to get the hunting pictures in the fall, I guess. I am loving these pictures of him for now!


Nikki B. said...

those are so good, jes!!! GREAT SHOTS!!

Jes said...

Thanks! Jeremy took the pics, I just fixed them up a little :)