Monday, June 28, 2010

Poor Lobes

You see these precious earrings? They were the second new pair we put in Ashlyn's ears since we waited a full 7 weeks to take out her ear piercing earrings. They were her favorite new pair we have bought since she got her ears pierced. She couldn't wait to put them in.

This is what those precious earrings did to her precious ears! She had them in for a couple of days and when we went to take them out to put different ones in, this is what I found.

We had to take her earrings out to try and heal them up, and this is what her ears look like 4 days later. We tried to put her earrings back in but they are all scabbed over and we couldn't put an earring through the scab without it bleeding.

We just sent our kids off to their cousins house for a few days and I'm hoping when she gets back they look even better. But I'm afraid she will have to have her ears pierced all over again, and I'm not sure Ashlyn will go for that. I'm so bummed we made it 7 weeks with no issues at all with her ears and the minute we put new earrings in it practically erased those 7 weeks of waiting.

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