Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My 2nd Place Champs

Both the boys teams played hard all season and finished undefeated. Then they advanced in the playoffs all the way to the championship game. They played hard and put their best into it. But unfortunately they lost in their last game of the year in the championship game.

Austin actually got to play quite a bit, which is a bit unusual, but he did pretty good. He played a good defender getting his hands on the ball creating jump balls which helped his team to get the ball back and stop the other team from getting another chance to score. Austin is a great example of being a good sport. He has that laid back personality that it doesn't bother him if he doesn't get put in as often as the others might and it didn't seem to bother him in the least that they lost. He just couldn't wait to play with his best bud/cousin, Grant, after the game.

Justin on the other hand is truly the exact opposite of his brother. God made him an athlete. He gave him the skills, the competitiveness, the aggressiveness, and the passion that it takes to excel in sports. Justin is very passionate about winning. Almost too passionate. He has always had a hard time with self control and unfortunately when he was younger he took his frustration out on the other team. He has come so far since then. He now doesn't take it out on the other team, he just blames it all on the refs. Not ideal, but I'll take that any day over him raising up his fist and almost punching a boy on the other team that was constantly elbowing him and the refs never called it. ( that was a few years ago) Justin has the qualities to be a leader. If he could just get the self control under control, and learn what it takes to be a good sport, he'll be on the right track.

The boys on his team just couldn't seem to get it all together. They played hard, but just didn't play their best. I was still proud that we only had 3 boys shed tears when they lost, verses all of them last year when they lost in the playoffs. They handled their loss much better this year. Every boy on his team are all just as competitive and passionate as, Justin, which can be hard to deal with as the coach, but makes for a winning team.

We may not have won 1st place this year, but we are one step closer than we were last year. Maybe next year will be their year to bring it and become the champions in their division. I am very proud of my 2nd place champs! Go Stars and Bulldogs!!!

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