Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ashlyn's Prayer

Ashlyn has prayed the same prayer for 2 nights in a row. Here is what she has prayed for:

" Dear God, I wish my Granddaddy could have his fingers back, b/c he did it on an accident, he cut them off. I love my Granddaddy so much and he needs some new fingers. God, I really love him a lot, can he please have his fingers back. It was an accident and he really needs some new fingers, Amen."

Not sure why all of a sudden she has a fascination with her Great Granddaddy's missing fingers? I believe he has been missing them since he was 17. He worked in a grocery store and had an accident with the meat grinder, the meat grinder won. So he is missing 3 of his fingers on his right hand.

I think it is so wonderful that she even has the opportunity to know and to love her Great Granddaddy. I never really had the luxury of knowing either of my granddads. Both of my grandmothers died while I was young also. I always envied my friends and the relationships they had with their grandparents. I thought they were so lucky to get to spend time with them and wished I could spend time with mine. So for Ashlyn to get to know and love her GREAT Grandparents is even more special. I love it that my kids have almost all of their Grandparents and that they get to see them and know them and love them. They look forward to seeing them and they light up when their grandparents come to see them do something special like a choir performance or a sports game. I love it even more that they know and love their great grandparents. It's such a special thing to have in your life.

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Nikki B. said...

that is so sweet!!