Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just like Family

I'm a little behind, but 2 weeks ago Ashlyn and I made a trip down to Austin to visit "family". I grew up an only child but my parents had some very close friends that we spent a lot of time with and every holiday was spent with them. Their friends had 2 children. Katie and Adam. Growing up with them they seem more like family than close friends. I always considered them closer than cousins but not as close as sister and brother. Kate lives in Austin now along with her mom, Rita and her brother, Adam. So while the boys in my family went to Llano the girls went to Austin for a short visit. While we were there, Kate and Rita, decided to take me to places I had never been and insisted they were wonderful places. First stop, Ikea! I have never been to Ikea. It was huge! Ashlyn loved the kids rooms and Lyla Grace loved standing in the basket. I didn't buy anything but it was fun to walk around and look at everything. Next stop, Salado. I've heard about the shopping in Salado but I have never stopped there. We always just pass it by on our way to Llano to visit Jeremy's grandparents. I did buy something there! I bought a huge, really neat cross to hang in the house. It was just what I had been looking for. There is a random picture of Ashlyn on here that she insisted I take of her while we were shopping in Salado. Hey anything to keep her occupied and not too bored during our shopping excursion. By the time we got done there we were exhausted! Shopping is tiring. While we were there Kate's brother, Adam, came for late night visit's that we couldn't stay up for. That boy has his days and nights mixed up. And her dad came for a visit. I loved hanging out with all of them and they make me feel just like family. It was nice just to catch up with everyone. Ashlyn and I can't wait for our next trip back down!


Nikki B. said...

that pic of ashlyn is hilarious, while y'all were shopping!! the chair picture and basket??

i love austin!! i wanna live there!

Gay said...

You bought NOTHING at Ikea and only 1 cross in Salado...what's wrong with you girl? Sounded like a fun girl trip.