Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm not ready for this!

My conversation with Ashlyn:

Ashlyn: " Mommy, I have a new boyfriend."

Me: " Oh, really? What happened to Tony?"

Ashlyn: " Oh, We broke up."

Me: " Really? Well, who broke up with who? Did you break up with him or did he break up with you?"

Ashlyn: " Oh, I broke up with him"

Me: " Well, did you tell him that you broke up with him?"

Ashlyn: " Yeah, I told him."

Me: " What did he say when you told him?"

Ashlyn: " He told me that he wouldn't ever ask me to play with him on the playground and that he would never ever ever ask me to be his girlfriend again."

Me: " Aww, you made him sad."

Ashlyn: " But my new boyfriend is better, Momma!"

Me: " Oh, really? What makes him better?"

Ashlyn: " He's really nice and he chases me on the playground"

Me: " Oh, well, if he chases you on the playground then I guess he is better."

Another conversation from another day:

Ashlyn: " Mommy, today on the playground, EVERYONE in kindergarten followed me on the playground and did everything I did!"

Me: " Really? EVERYONE?"

Ashlyn: " Yeah, AND all the boys in kindergarten chased me and wanted to be my boyfriend!"

Me: " They ALL wanted to be your boyfriend?"

Ashlyn: giggle, " Yeah, can you believe it? They all just chased me and wanted to be my boyfriend." giggle some more.

Me: " Why do they all want to be your boyfriend?"

Ashlyn: giggle, " I don't know! They just do." giggle some more.

Me: " I don't think you need to have a boyfriend right now, I think you should wait until your 16 before having a boyfriend."

Ashlyn: " But it's fun top have a boyfriend, I like it when they chase me on the playground, that's fun!"

Me: " Well, just no kissing boys until your 18, it's ok if they are just chasing you, but NO kissing!"

Ashlyn: " Ok, mommy, I don't kiss them anyways, but sometimes they do try to kiss me on the cheek."

Me: " Well, you better tell them that they can't kiss you or your daddy is going to get them."

Ashlyn: " I don't let them kiss me anyways."

Me: " Good, no kissing boys!"

Later that night when it was time to go to bed....

Jeremy: " Goodnight sweetheart" tries to give her a kiss.

Ashlyn: " Mommy said I can't kiss boys, so I can't give you a kiss."

Jeremy: " What? But I'm your dad."

Ashlyn: " But your a boy, and mommy said I can't kiss boys."

I am a little surprised at all this talk about boys and boyfriends this year. Last school year boys were yucky and she didn't want anything to do with boys. She didn't even want any boys at her birthday party, including her brothers and cousin. This year she comes home with some of the funniest stories about what happens on the playground at school and many of her stories are about boys chasing her on the playground, and she just loves that for some reason. I'm not sure I'm ready for all this boy talk, hopefully it's just a phase and she'll be over boys soon.

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