Saturday, June 12, 2010

Betty Crocker

I really needed some chocolate the other day, and the only chocolate in the house were chocolate chips. Ashlyn has really been on my case lately about helping me make something in the kitchen so I thought, well, I might as well just get everything out and make some chocolate chip cookies, otherwise I'll just open the bag of chocolate chips and eat too many.

Ashlyn was so excited to get to help, she ran and grabbed her apron, pulled a chair up and was ready to help bake. She was actually a lot of help! She probably did more than I did in the preparation. She stirred, poured, cracked 2 eggs perfectly, stirred some more and then she scooped out about 3 1/2 dozen balls of cookie dough onto the cookie sheets.

She had the biggest, cutest grin on her face the whole time we were mixing and stirring. At one point while I was letting her stir she looked up at me and said, " Mommy, your the best mommy ever, because you let me help you make things!" then she giggled while she stirred and then said, " I love this!". Who knew that she would make baking so much more fun!

When the time came to crack the eggs, she asked if she could crack them, so I told her she could do one and if she did good on that one she could do them both. Well, she cracked them both perfectly, no shells at all fell in!!!

Doesn't she just look so happy in this pic?! She was so proud of what she had helped prepare.

I showed her how to scoop out the first dozen, and then she scooped out all the rest. Not only did she make baking more fun, but she made it a lot easier for me! I felt like I didn't do enough!

The Pampered Chef scooper was the best kitchen utensil I have ever had! It came in very handy for Ashlyn to scoop out the dough all by herself.

And here is our finished product! Delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies, and they were worth all of our hard work for that yummy chocolate!

It looks like I've got my own little Betty Crocker on my hands :)

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