Friday, May 7, 2010


Jeremy gave me my Mother's Day gift early this year. It's actually the first gift I can remember receiving ever for Mother's Day. Jeremy has never been good at remembering or taking the time to get me gifts for pretty much any occasion. He says he got me a gift last year but neither one of us can remember what it was. So I decided to put this one down in the book, so we won't forget about it next year and I can give Jeremy the credit he deserves :)

This year Jeremy got me a new camera! A Nikon D50!! I have been asking for a nice camera now for years. We have never bought a camera before, we have always "borrowed" from Jeremy's work. So this is very exciting to me! I played with it last night and practiced taking almost 200 pictures, and I am loving it so far. The pictures are so pretty! They are so clear and the colors are beautiful in the pictures. There are so many things I love about this nice camera, and I am really looking forward to learning more about it and getting better at taking beautiful pictures. Now I guess I am also going to have to learn how to use one of these fancy editing programs Jeremy put on our computer too. So much work ahead of me, but once I get it all figured out it will all be so worth it!

Here is a large sample of the practice pics I took last night. They look so much better when blown up bigger, especially the airplane pics. Those are pretty cool! They flew right over the ball fields while Austin was playing in his game, and got really close. The colors in the flowers are beautiful too when blown up bigger. Well, here is what I took on day 1 of learning how my new camera works.


angbert said...

That is a nice camera. I haven't really been happy with mine lately, and this definitely gets clearer pictures!!!

Jes said...

You should look into getting a new one. Jeremy got a great deal on mine from Craig's List. I got several different lenses which are pretty expensive and the camera at a great price. I wish we had done it sooner, I can't help but think of all these years I could have had better quality pictures.