Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Whole Decade

Jeremy and I have made it one whole decade today! The last ten years have been a roller coaster ride. If any of you truly know Jeremy and I you know what I'm talking about.

We got married on May 27th, 2000. Wow, we look so young! It's amazing the changes that happen so slowly through the years that you don't even notice until you look back at pictures.

It's no secret that we had, Justin, before we got married. He was 7 months old when we got married. During our wedding ceremony we had a dedication for, Justin. In our religion, we do not believe that dedicating our babies will get them into heaven, it just means that basically we are dedicating our family to the Lord. We made a promise to try our best to teach and instill christian values and morals into our son, Justin. It is our children's choice when they get older whether or not they are going to take a step of faith and ask Jesus into their hearts, and that is when God guarantee's a place for you with him in heaven.

We got married at the Wedding Cottage in Rockwall at the Goliad Place. It is no longer there anymore, because our church bought the facility and plans on building a youth center in it's place.

Jeremy and I are in our limo about to leave, and we wanted one last pic of us with our family.

So much has happened in the last ten years! We got married, bought our first house, had 2 more babies, sold our first home and bought our second house. Our family has grown and we officially declared we were done after I finally got my girl. Our baby is now 5 years old and our oldest is 10. We are no longer parents of pre-schoolers but we have all "big" kids in the house.

When we went through our marriage counseling before we got married, no one ever told us how hard marriage could be. No one told us how stressful things could get, especially after you have kids. How stressful it would be financially, and how hard it would be to keep up our relationship through it all. It's been no secret how Jeremy and I have struggled through out our entire marriage. When I sit and really think about it, I know that if Jeremy and I weren't christians, we most likely would not be together anymore. If we did not go to church consistently we most likely would not be together anymore. And if we had not joined a sunday school class and made some of the most awesome christian friends that support us and give us good christian advice that has helped us, we would most likely not be together anymore. We made a promise to one another till death do us part, and that means that when things get tough and we feel we don't love the other anymore, because that happens all the time in marriages, there is no divorce option. We promised to work things out every time. To lean on the Lord to help us through each difficult time.

Jeremy and I were young when we met, Jeremy was 18 and I was only 17 , we got pregnant and when we had, Justin, I was 19 and Jeremy was 20. When we got married I was still 19 but almost 20 and Jeremy was 20. The odds were against us, statistically. I know that it has been our dedication and the Lord that has gotten us this far. I honestly don't know how couples make it with out a divorce if they aren't christians. Divorce seems too easy of an option to not take it. God never promised that marriage would be easy and that we would always love our spouse through it all. Why do you think he gave us these vows?

Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her/him, forsaking all others and holding only unto her/him?"

to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I promise my love to you.."

Jeremy and I hit a pretty big bump in the road about 8 months ago. I looked for some christian material that we could do together that could help us. I found this book, Love and Respect. I am totally recommending this book to all married couples! Whether you have been married, 1 year or 50 years, have a great marriage or a struggling marriage, it's a great book! I plan on hopefully being able to give it as a gift to engaged couples as often as I can. I wish someone had taught us everything this book has to say about marriage, when Jeremy and I were just starting out. It not only talks about the wife's need for unconditional love, but it explains a husband's need for unconditional respect and all that entails. It has helped me to understand how men and women communicate and listen differently, and how we interpret things differently. It has helped me to better understand Jeremy's needs and it helped Jeremy to understand my needs better as well. What an eye opening book it is.

Usually, when you read about someone's anniversary or hear them talk about their anniversary, I always hear about how it's been the greatest thing, about how lucky they are to have married their best friend, about how great marriage has been, and my first thought every time is 'gag me.' You know me... I'm all about honesty. If there weren't honest people in the world that never proclaim how hard life can be, we would all think we were the only one that ever struggled. How miserable would that be, to think you are the only one that ever struggles in their marriage or in parenthood. Life is hard people, but I can say I have survived it all with my Lord by my side, supporting me, guiding me and continually letting me know that I'm not alone, that it's hard, but he will be with me through it all.

I'm so thankful for the path God has lead me down and for everything I have learned from it. I'm so thankful for the husband he gave me and for the family that came along with him. I'm thankful for the job God has given Jeremy, and that Jeremy has been able to take care of his family because of it. I'm thankful that I have been blessed to be able to stay at home with my children and raise them myself, under my wing their whole lives, all made possible by my husband, Jeremy. That was the quality I admired most about Jeremy when we were dating, that he had a full time job, that he went to every day, that he was a responsible man. I'm thankful for my children, Justin, Austin and Ashlyn, and for my honorable husband, Jeremy.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Honey!


Gay said...

nice post. Happy Anniversary!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Marriage is VERY hard....almost sometimes like a 2nd job! We have been married almost 28 years and it took many years before we got past all of the hard stuff....Happy Anniversary!