Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cowboys Stadium

The 4th grade at Justin's school got to go on a tour at the Dallas Cowboy's Stadium for their field trip this week. What a cool field trip! I know it's a day he will probably never forget, and I am so glad that I got to share it with him.

We started the tour off by getting to go into one of the suites and getting to check out the HUGE t.v. over the field.

Then we got to go stand in one of the "party" area's that you can purchase a ticket for to stand and watch the game. Cheap tickets, but not something I would want to spend my money on.

Then we got to go onto the field, take pictures and toss a football around.

Justin throwing a pass on the Cowboy's field, to his buddies in our group.

Then we got to walk down the same tunnel all the football player's walk at every home game from their locker rooms.

Then we were able to check out the football player's locker room. Justin wanted a picture in front of Tony Romo's locker. He thought it was cool he got to touch Tony Romo's helmet.

What was even cooler was one of the employee's standing watch in the locker room, grabbed the helmet and put it on Justin's head for a picture! How awesome is that?!

Justin's whole class, with their teacher, Mrs. Sevier, on the star in the middle of the field.

Justin also got to kick field goals on the field!

I made sure that I got a picture in with Justin on the famous star :)

Last stop at the Pro Shop.

Justin was very happy I bought him a souvenir. He picked out a wool banner to hang on his wall in his room. He also asked if we could get something for his brother, so we picked up some cowboy's stickers for him. I was so proud of him to think of his brother like that. I think he was wishing, Austin, could have been there to see it all, what a sweet boy he can be at times.

What an awesome field trip!! I hope that fourth grade makes this their annual field trip. Looking forward to going back again with Austin in 2 years.


Gay said...

wow, that looks like a great day.

Nikki B. said...

so cool!!!!!