Friday, April 2, 2010

Together Again

Ashlyn has been missing someone. Someone special. Someone that she has known since she came home from the hospital. Someone she loves. Someone that she cuddles with at night when she goes to sleep. Her bunny. She loves her bunny! And if for some reason her bunny is lost when it's time to go to bed it makes her sad.

Ashlyn's bunny got left behind in Fredericksburg at spring break. It was my fault. We were rushing to get ready and out the door before check-out. I quickly got mine and Ashlyn's things together and we walked out the door. When we finally got home, late at night, and I took Ashlyn up to her bed, she asked for her bunny. It wasn't until I went searching through my bag and couldn't find her did I realize that she may have gotten left at one of the hotels we stayed in.

I made some phone calls and tracked her down, unfortunately they wouldn't mail her back. They told me that I could come and get her. Yeah, right, I'm gonna drive 4 1/2 hours back down there and back to get her bunny. So I called, Grandmother, up and asked her for a huge favor. It's a good thing we left her bunny close to family or her bunny would have had to find a new home.

When I told Ashlyn that Grandmother was going to go get her and mail her back, she was so excited! She couldn't wait to get her bunny back! She waited and waited, and everyday she would look for the mailman to come.

Finally, a week later, the big day arrived.

Ashlyn went to go get the mail and there was a big package in the mailbox.

She grabbed the package and the rest of the mail and ran inside to check and see if it was the package she had been waiting for.

It had her name on it and it was from Grandmother!

She worked hard to get the package open.

And when we finally got it open, and she peeked inside, she smiled and giggled, grabbed her special friend and hugged her immediately. Together at last!!

After pulling out her bunny, she found some more special treats that Grandmother sent along with her bunny. It was so exciting for her to find 2 new books and a coloring/sticker book.

She was so happy to get some new books, stickers and her special friend back, and Grandmother made it all possible. She talked for days about how nice Grandmother is and that she loved her.

Thank you Grandmother for being Ashlyn's hero and cleaning up after my mistake!