Thursday, October 15, 2009

Double Digits

Look at my chubby boy! That was Justin 9 1/2 years ago. He is 6 months old in those pictures. Today Justin turned 10 years old! He moved up into the double digits! You never really realize how time flies until you look back on it. While I was looking back through the photo albums this morning trying to find baby pictures of Justin, I was looking at pictures of Jeremy and I and realized just how young we were when we had Justin. Jeremy was 20 and I was a young 19. We look like babies ourselves in those pics. I always knew we were young parents just never realized how young until I looked back. I can remember when Justin was just a baby wondering what kind of boy he would be. I remember thinking it impossible to imagine what he would be like at the age of 5, and here we are 10 years later. Justin was such a happy baby. I mean, who wouldn't be happy with all those rolls? He was always smiling and looking to be the center of attention. Not much has changed. He is still always looking to be the center of attention, whether it be good or bad, he'll take any attention he can get. He's super competitive and athletic so he is great at sports! So far, every sport he has played he has excelled in. He also loves to learn. He is so smart and really enjoys school. I remember when he was 4 and I taught him the letter of the week, he would beg me every morning to do it. And when he finally started school, he loved it! When school lets out each summer break he always tells me that he misses school and wishes he could go back. Crazy kid! I have no idea where he gets that from?! It's been a long but short 10 years. The teen years are upon us. It's crazy to think in just a short 3 years we will be parents of a teenager! I am not looking forward to that! We have the uncomfortable "talks", all the "changes" and who knows what else coming up in the next few years. Things I am not prepared for nor do I have a clue about, seeing as I am a girl with no brother. So, if any of you out there have been through it, write me a book so I know what's coming and how to handle it. Happy Birthday Justin!

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