Sunday, August 2, 2009

A week of Heaven

My oldest son, Justin, left last Saturday to go to camp with my brother-in-laws church. So when he goes with them their son, Grant, comes with us. Austin and Grant are not only cousins but best buds to the core! They have had a special bond since they were so little when we all lived next door to each other. When Grant comes to stay, Austin, thinks he is in heaven! And it's heaven for me because they keep each other pretty well entertained the entire time he is here! Since we have moved here, Austin has made a new best bud, Matthew. They spend quite a bit of time together and amazingly enough all three of them seemed to get along great while Grant was here. They had all kinds of adventures all week long! One night we tried to let them have a campout in the backyard. They made it until 10:30, then we had to pull them in b/c it looked like more storms were coming in. They loved it! Maybe we can try it again another time when there isn't so much rain in the forecast.
There was also lots of playing in the rain getting drenched with all the rain we got while he was here! I heard of all kinds of water fights. There is nothing like playing in the rain when you are a kid.

There was also a wedding on our block. Some of the older neighbor girls who like to play silly games and use their wild imaginations decided to put on a wedding. So Grant got to marry an older 11 year old woman named, Emma, this week and Ashlyn got to marry Austin's bud, Matthew. All the girls got dressed up and they performed a wedding right in their front yard. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures of the special occasion due to Ladies night inside. I didn't have my camera with me. When Grant comes I never know what those boys will be getting into. But I love to see them together! They are soo happy when they get together! It's too bad they moved so far away. It would be nice if they could spend more time together. But for now, these couple of weeks they get together every summer is enough for them to make memories to last a lifetime. He is so lucky to have a cousin he loves so much. I never had that growing up. I always wished I could of had a brother or sister, heck I just wished I could have had a cousin I could have been friends with. And Austin has both! And I'm lovin every minute I get to see them together!

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Natalie said...

Hey Jes. Sounds like you had a fun week! Is Justin feeling better? Saw your comment on my blog. I didn't get a new camera. I have an OLD small digital and then a newer canon rebel xti. We got it 2 yrs ago and love it. I think the pics turned out so good because the kids were happily playing and we had a chance to play with the settings and lenses!